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Furnace Services

The best way to avoid furnace performance and efficiency issues is to schedule annual furnace maintenance with Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning. Our expert furnace maintenance technicians have you covered.
Check and clean gas burner section

  • Our techs inspect the heat exchanger surface for cracks or signs of wear, which is critical to maintaining peak efficiency and Safety.

Verify proper airflow and blower operation

  • This process ensures air is properly circulating through your home to provide you with maximum comfort.

Verify calibration of gas valve

  • We analyze your unit’s fuel operation to make sure the right pressure is delivered to the furnace. A properly functioning gas valve is key to efficiency and safety.

Check all electrical components

  • Several of your system’s electrical parts should be checked annually for damage, corrosion and safe operation. The last thing you need is a problem with one of these parts on a cold winter night!

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Furnace Install

Furnace Install

Econair doesn’t just sell and maintain your new furnace, we also provide the highest quality expert furnace installation. What makes our expert furnace installation different from the other guy’s? Well, over the years, we’ve perfected our expert furnace installation process. Here’s what you can expect from our experts:

A neat installation: We set up drop cloths around the installation area to prevent messes.
A quality installation: our professional installation technicians obtain some of the most prestigious technical certification in the industry. In other words – they know what they’re doing.
A thorough check: after everything’s finished, we go through an installation quality control checklist to make sure the heating and cooling equipment is working properly before we leave.
Meeting or Exceeding local code: we’ll always install your new furnace to local code, and we often go above and beyond, for the highest quality installation anywhere.

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Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair

A broken furnace is never convenient. When your furnace breaks down in February and your home has no heat, contact us and we will be there right away!

Econoair guarantees that we can provide you with the professional and efficient furnace repair service that you need. Our experienced technicians are highly-trained so you can be sure that they can help you with any problems that may arise. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Many things can go wrong with your furnace, all of which should be repaired and examined by experienced professionals.  Econoair is commited to repair and help you maintain your furnace. We value our customers and their decisions, so we will always be honest and explain the best possible solution for you. Contact us today so we can help you .

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